Car Builds

 A full car build includes everything you could want in a Spec Miata build. We will start with a clean donor car that fits the right needs for you. From there we strip everything from the car until just the shell is left. All reusable stripped parts and hardware are then cleaned and organized until reassembly. Suspension pieces and crossmembers are powder coated to give the car a nice fresh look from the underside. The shell gets a cage and drop-floor installed in-house and prepped for paint. Everything is then sandblasted and painted in whatever color you like. Once the car is back in the assembly shop we start putting everything back together. We will install a brand new built engine, transmission, and differential to give optimal power. We will install a brand new seat that is just the right fit for you as well. Every single part that is installed into your new race car is properly gone through and modified if allowed per the SCCA GCR. Once reassembly is complete, you can take delivery of your brand new Wheels America Racing Spec Miata. Your car will come with team clothing as well as a brand new racing suit if you so choose.

Trackside Support

We offer a full arrive-and-drive program at all our events and for testing if requested. Your car will arrive at the track prepared at its fullest capability as well as consumables such as tires and brakes. We carry plenty of spare parts to replace anything that may be broken or underperforming throughout the weekend. Your car will be gone through after every session and changed for any preferences you may report to the team. In between sessions there will be data downloaded from all cars. Our driver coach is available to go through this data at any time if requested. We will also have designated time for each driver to sit down and review data and video with our coach one on one. We are dedicated to giving you the best possible experience at the race track, so we will do our absolute best to provide you with everything you may want to be successful.

Car Preparation

We also offer car setups in-house at our shop. This will include the car going through a scaling process to properly distribute weight through each corner of the car. We will also align the car to be sure your car has the correct amount of toe in the front and rear. From there we will measure camber and caster to give your car optimum grip in the corners. Once the essentials are complete, we can give your car any updates you may want. We will take on anything you could want for your car, from a replacement spark plug to a replacement engine. If you are a part of our team and are scheduled to run with us at our events, your car is subject to this service before we depart for the race event.